To cut a long story short I lost my mind

If you get the reference in the title of my post – then you either do a lot of pub quizzes and are a bit of a music buff or, like me,  you grew up in the 8Os. ” To cut a long story short” was the first (and IMO finest) single released by the recently reformed  New Romantic oufit Spandau Ballet.  The Spandaus are clearly making the most of the huge 8Os revival that’s all around us:  clothes, music, hair, the Soda Stream, the government(!!)… 

Anyway, to cut a long story short, this year’s online mass participation activity from the British Science Association has a retro feel and is all about the mind, and how not to lose it.  Our nod to the age of  New Romantics is –  Neuromantics.  (The title has already caused a fair amount of chat on Bad Science).  Check out the website and take part.  Neuromantics contains two brain teaser activities.  One is a study on working memory,  the ability to remember and manually process information, called ‘the Memory Game’ which is trying to establish if there is a link between your working memory and your outlook on life.  The second activity takes you into the ‘Adlab’ where we will be investigating what it is about a particular advert that appeals to you – are you more influenced by celebrity, scientific argument or looks?  Adlab wants to find out more about how we interpret different types of information and whether or not this can lead to behaviour change – as well as how the process may work. 

We’re hoping to announce the results of Neuromantics at this year’s British Science Festival in Birmingham from 14 – 19 September.

Sue Hordijenko, Festival Director

One thought on “To cut a long story short I lost my mind

  1. But of course don’t forget that symetry in nature is a symbol of beauty so all that asymetric hair of the 80s totally goes against nature (this caused quite a stir in the media a couple of years ago). Who is that in the picture – could it be the author of the piece?

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