All aboard the Leader-ship


The media is reporting it as the fastest selling book of all time and you couldn’t have missed all the hoo-ha yesterday as former Prime Minister and Labour Leader Tony Blair published his memoires, just as Labour party supporters are to receive ballot papers to vote for the Party’s next Leader. 

The psychology of Leadership is a fascinating area – particularly when it comes to politicians.  It seems that in his book  A Journey Tony Blair doesn’t hold back on his feelings for his successor Gordon Brown.  Back at our Festival in Norwich in 2006 we announced research into body language and politicians which the UK media went to town on.  Check out this piece on the BBC Politicians can not lie.  According to the psychologists reporting at the Festival the Primeminister was unable to mask his true feelings for his then Chancellor as it was all there in his body language. 

At this year’s Festival we’ll be all aboard the Leader-ship once again but this time looking at research into what it takes to make a good Leader, what are the secrets and what do we, the public, look for in a Leader.  New research from psychologists at  the Universities of Exeter and St Andrews looks set to challenge traditional models of Leadership.  To illustrate this new psychology of Leadership we’ll be looking into recent history and analysing the media portrayal of Tony Blair in the run-up to the 1997 general election which brought about a landslide Labour victory.  We’ll be taking a glimpse at some of the ensuing Blair/Bush/Brown behaviour and then coming bang up-to-date with how we can apply this new psychology to all those in the current Labour Leadership race.   I’ve pretty much made up my mind who gets my vote but I wonder if this new research will make me question my decision. 

The Labour Leader hopefuls

All candidates have different reasons for running, however is each one actually trying to persuade us of the same thing?  Is it more about us than them? 

For a dip into the new psychology of Leadership join us on Tuesday 14 September from 10.00 till 12.00 .  To buy tickets click here.

Sue Hordijenko

One thought on “All aboard the Leader-ship

  1. I didn’t see the interview but this piece has encouraged me to tale a look. I think Blair’s timing is very interesting, as you say.

    The psychology of leadership is a fascinating topic and would give some valuable insights into debates like the current leadership contest, as it is so difficult to cut through the posturing to the person behind.

    I keep changing my mind about the right candidate for the Labour party and I need some help quick!

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