Good morning eager young minds

A beautiful mind

“Good morning eager young minds”, John Nash’s words from the Oscar winning ‘A beautiful mind’ seem like an appropriate sentiment for any event at the British Science Festival. These words were all the more poignant embedded within screenplay which explores schizophrenia and its perceptions within society. The film was screened as part of the ‘blowing the mind in the media’ event and was followed by a lively debate on how mental illness is perceived within the media. Continue reading


Attention please!

You may have noticed this gorilla but you wouldn’t if we’d given you another task

Another day and some more psychology. In the Blink of an Eye involved four talks all revolving around vision and attention. “The whole of life lies in the verb seeing,” Telihard De Chardin, it is true that sight would be the sense most would prefer to keep, above say smell or touch, should one be taken from us. But is this cherished sense infallible, and how much does it depend on attention? Continue reading

Ago, ergo cogito – I act, therefore I think

A brainless Bluebell Sea Squirt attached to a rock in its adult stage

My first talk of the Festival and I’m in at the deep end contemplating how the brain actually allows me to contemplate anything. Good thing I had that extra cup of coffee this morning and did a little research on the four speakers before I turned up. Continue reading