Ago, ergo cogito – I act, therefore I think

A brainless Bluebell Sea Squirt attached to a rock in its adult stage

My first talk of the Festival and I’m in at the deep end contemplating how the brain actually allows me to contemplate anything. Good thing I had that extra cup of coffee this morning and did a little research on the four speakers before I turned up. Continue reading


Science is the new Rock & Roll

Brian Cox

Lucy will be hunting down Professor Brian Cox at the Festival this year

It’s summer time. Birds are singing, trees are swaying, swathes of students everywhere are working, panicking, sitting resit examinations or enjoying their brief moments of respite before hitting the books again in September. Most of us are procrastinating.

I am trying desperately to think of a cool way to introduce myself to Professor Brian Cox. Perhaps a witty physics-related joke, or a novel way of inserting my field of study – biology – into something he’s talking about. Unlikely. I have to be prepared, though, just in case I run into him. Continue reading